Friday 6 February 2015

More Winter Crafts

Here are some more winter crafts we did over the last month or so...

'Magic' invisible snowflakes


Cut out some circles of white paper. Then, draw snowflakes onto the circles with white crayon. Finally, paint over the circles with a colour of your choice, we chose blue to look like the sky.


These were so much fun to make. The children were in awe by the appearance of the snowflakes when they painted over the white paper circles. 'That's amazing! It's like magic!' cried D in wonder.


Hand print reindeer


Some children like getting their hands dirty, some don't. Either way, they might enjoy getting their hands painted and making hand prints on paper.


Make some brown hand prints on paper using poster paint.


Using clean fingers, add a red thumb print for the nose and red collar with yellow fingerprint bell.

Painted snow globes


Cut out snow globe shapes from card.


Use poster paints to paint a snowy picture. We used bubble wrap stuck to a toilet roll tube and dipped in white paint to paint the snowflakes. I helped R with his.


This is D's creation. I love the houses and trees.


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