Monday 9 February 2015

Mosaic salt tray


I saw this activitiy on the imagination tree blog and immediately knew I had to try this with the children. I love how the coloured mosaic pieces stand out on the blanket of white salt. You can really create something spectacular with a bit of imagination.

Salt is a useful medium for a lot of play activities. It can be used to make play dough and salt dough for some modelling fun. It can be used as it is or coloured for a different sensory experience. On it's own it is a great base for mark or pattern making.


I set up this activity by pouring salt on the base or a glass dish. I placed the coloured mosaic tiles in a bowl next to the dish of salt. Then I invited the children to play


D got stuck in doing some mark making. She used her finger to swirl the salt around creating some lovely patterns. She also had a go at writing her name in the salt. A salt tray alone can turn into a great literacy activity.


Following on with the literacy theme, D had a go at spelling out some simple words with the tiles. She said the salt looked like snow.


Then the children began to make pictures and patterns in the salt with the tiles. This is R's creation.


D made a beautiful butterfly.

You can get the mosaic tiles from amazon here:

This post contains amazon affiliate links.


  1. This looks like such a great activity with lots of scope for variation too.

    1. I love activities that are open to variation because it really allows the child to use their imagination and its fascinating watching them and seeing what they do with the materials.

  2. Very interesting activity to introduce little ones to colours, shapes and letter formation x

    1. There is so much they can learn with an activity like this.


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