Wednesday 4 February 2015

Painted flower pots


Today marked the end of an era for D as she attended her last ever session at Farm Adventurers. Farm Adventurers is an amazing group, similar to pre-school, but more outdoorsy. I know I say we are home schooling and normally I wouldn't send my children to a pre-school but this is different. It is at a local city farm and while the children are there they play outside, feed the animals, plant things and do lots of arts and crafts. It sounds blissful. No matter the weather, they put on their waterproofs and wellies and go outside. 

It is a relatively new initiative and D has been going, first two mornings a week and more recently one morning a week, since the beginning, so about 18 months. A few months ago R started to go along with her too which was great for him as he had his big sister to help him and put him at ease. Now it's time for R to get some independence, I wonder what he will think of that!

I told D a few weeks ago that she would be leaving soon as she was getting too grown up. I wanted her to be prepared for the thought of life after Farm Adventurers. She told me she was sad that she was leaving today. I expect it will be strange for her to drop her brother off and walk away without being able to go and play. However, I will try and make the transition easy for her. I plan to take her to one of the home school activities organised on the same morning, still haven't decided which one to go for. It's a toss up between yoga and pottery at the moment. Both sound equally exciting but vastly different. I don't have much experience of either, so will be fun to go and learn. 

I'm really looking forward to having some one-to-one time with D, something which has been lacking since the arrival of R almost 3 years ago! It will give us a chance to bond and connect without any interruptions. I think she is looking forward to it too...

D painted some terracotta plant pots as a thank you gift for all of her teachers at Farm Adventurers. She used normal poster paints and then we sprayed them with some varnish so finish them. Hopefully the varnish will mean that the design lasts longer and doesn't get washed off by rain or water. After they were dry, we filled them with herb plants.


                                           Lemon Thyme


                                                 Purple sage


                                            Garden mint


                                           Flat leaf parsley


Here is a picture of the final results. There is an extra plant pot at the end filled with parsley, This is R's creation, after all, we couldn't leave him out. It has pride of place in our kitchen, and I will be using the parsley a lot in my cooking no doubt. Which is your favourite herb?



D came home with a beautiful handmade card from her teachers and each had written a lovely message to her inside. She was also given some strawberry bulbs as a leaving gift. They sure know what she likes. We will have fun planting those tomorrow! 




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I think they look quite effective. I think I will have to ask D to make some more to put on our windowsill :)

  2. I love the idea of the terracota pots..will have to get my girls to have a go! They will love it

    1. You should! We had a lot of fun doing this :)


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