Sunday 8 February 2015

Gingerbread men number activity


The gingerbread man is a favourite story of ours. The children love me to read it to them and they join in with the familiar phrases. We also enjoy making our own homemade gingerbread men biscuits to eat. They are absolutely delicious. I will share the pictures next time we make them.

I decided to set up a numeracy activity for the children with the gingerbread man theme in mind. I cut out some gingerbread man shapes from some brown paper envelopes and asked D to help me draw the faces on them. As you can see below, she loves drawing long eye lashes on her pictures at the moment!

Then, I wrote numbers on rectangles of white paper and gave the children a bowl filled with buttons. They spent a long time exploring the buttons before moving onto the activity.


D chose a number and picked out the correct number of buttons. Then she placed them on her gingerbread man. This is a great activity for children to learn to associate the written number with an amount of objects. They can practice counting as they go. 


R, being a bit younger, did not match the written numbers and buttons. Instead, he placed the buttons on his gingerbread man in patterns. He did try counting in his own little way as he went.


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