Thursday 25 May 2017

Ramadan Calendar Tutorial

Here I will show you how I made a Ramadan calendar for my children. A Ramadan calendar works like an advent calendar but instead of counting down the days til Christmas, it counts down the days of Ramadan til Eid day.

During Ramadan Muslims must fast from dawn to dusk. This means that they must not eat or drink anything during daylight hours. The length of time of the fast varies each day as the days either lengthen or shorten throughout the month. At the end of the month, we celebrate Eid.


Indoor Fun Review

The second of the review posts I am doing will give you an idea of all the indoor fun we have had over the last two years. Yes, two years is a very long time but I will try my best to sum it up.


Sunday 21 May 2017

Outdoor Fun Review

This is the first post of my review on the past two years. Here I will share some of the fun we have had outdoors.

Almost 2 years ago, a healthy baby boy joined our family. I spent a lot of time baby wearing.

We fed the ducks.

We climbed trees.

We went fruit picking.

We went to see where our vegetable boxes come from.

We did a cooking class at Tyntesfield, one of our local National Trust properties.

We played in dens.

We jumped in leaves.

We played with water.

We went pond dipping.

We played in muddy streams.

We jumped in puddles.

We made fires.

We watched a battle reenactment.

We grew our own fruit and vegetables.

Riyad tried to cut worms out of the apples (there were no worms in the apples!)

We went to the park.

We played in the snow!

We rode on a steam train.

We rode on a miniature train.

We went to the beach.

And enjoyed many wonderful family days out.

What do you and your children like to do outdoors?


A new start

How has it been almost two years since I last posted?! Time slips by so fast you could just blink and miss it. The last two years have definitely been a roller coaster ride. Welcoming a new baby, business ventures came and went, my eldest went to school and then we went back to home educating again, I stopped my PhD and now we are finally beginning to settle down into an enjoyable and happy routine. I finally feel like I know where we are going. 

I have decided it is time to start blogging again. I find it such a useful way to document our day to day happenings and share my knowledge and experiences in the hope that someone out there may find it useful. I have enjoyed looking back at my old blog posts over the last few weeks and reminiscing about days gone by.

As so much time has passed since my last post, I am going to start by writing a post or two about what we have been up to over the past two years. It's a review of our lives which will help you to get up to date with what we have been up to and allow me to piece together our journey that has led us to the place we are now.

Here goes....

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