Raising Talkers: how to teach your child to talk

Empowering parents with the knowledge and know how to boost their child's language skills and give them the best start in life! For more information CLICK HERE.

Registration is now closed and will open on 16th March!

The course costs £65 for LIFETIME ACCESS! The course will begin on 23rd March.

"The course was life changing! Wish I came across your page earlier and had taken the course when my son was born." - Umm Luqman

"I feel even my parenting method has changed Alhamdulillah my son has really progressed a lot. It's really hard to balance between uni, being a mum and wife but the course has really helped me in teaching and understanding my son's needs. P.S. I made my husband read the workbooks also, he really enjoyed them!" - Shafiqa

"I wish that I had a class like this available before my kids were born or still young." - Adrienne

"I was jumping in joy when I got these modules because I have got a guideline to understand in which stage of life we are and how to carry over with the process to make her a better talker." - Salma

"I really enjoyed this course! It was very easy to follow and I looked forward to the live Q and A each week even if I didn't have any questions. The course provided me with more language learning tips and confidence in myself when "teaching" my kids." - Adrienne

Clear Speech: How to help your child through speech sound difficulties

This course will train parents to carry out speech therapy with their children at home in order to help them improve their speech sounds. It is an online course for parents of children of any age who struggle to speak clearly, be that due to a lisp or multiple speech sound difficulties. Skip the waiting lists and help your child right now! For more information click HERE.

Registration is now closed and will open up again on 6th April 2020.

This course will begin again on 20th April 2020. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates or contact me by email at .

Emergent Literacy: New course coming in February 2020!

I am so excited to be offering this course soon. On this course you will find out how and when to teach your child to read and write, how to instil a love of reading in your child and all my tops tips for literacy learning! 

Registration will open February 12th!

This course will start on 24th February and run for 4 weeks.

CLICK HERE >> Keep me updated!


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