Monday 31 December 2018

New Year's Resolutions 2019

What a year 2018 has been! Full of ups and downs as most years are. A year of juggling motherhood and homeschooling with being a blogger. A year of meeting new people and making connections. A year of reflection on the past and starting to understand what I want out of life and where I want to be.


Monday 17 December 2018

Motherhood Musings - Last Baby Turns One!

The first couple of years of a child's life are incredible. They start out as a tiny, helpless bundle unable to do anything for themselves but over the space of two years they learn to sit, walk and begin talking. One of the biggest joys of having children has been to watch this remarkable transformation unfolding before my eyes. I just love to witness each milestone and watch my children grow and develop, learning all the skills they need for independence.

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