Thursday 28 December 2017

Best of Multicultural Motherhood Blog 2017

What a year 2017 has been! This year has been hectic for sure. It began with us starting to homeschool again after my eldest daughter, Delal, tried out school for a while. Starting to homeschool can be daunting and it takes a while to settle in to a new routine and way of living. We started off by deschooling, taking a break from learning to unwind and destress, and establishing our schedule took much longer than I originally anticipated. Now we are much more settled.


Monday 25 December 2017

Christmas as a Muslim Convert

I sit here on Christmas Eve contemplating Christmas past and present. Christmas has always been a difficulty for me since my conversion to Islam. In fact, it was one thing I worried over before my conversion; would I be able to give up Christmas?


Tuesday 19 December 2017

Jannah Jewels Books Review

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is curling up on the sofa with a good book and getting lost in a make-believe world in my head. My seven year old daughter is a reluctant reader and I felt sad that she was missing out on this experience. I longed to find a series of novels that would capture her imagination. Then I came across the Jannah Jewels series of books and thought they would be just right to persuade her that reading can be exciting and fun!


Sunday 17 December 2017

Polar Animals Activities

We attend a lot of homeschool groups and activities but our regular project group is among our favourites. We are working on an animal theme at the moment which has seen us learning about dinosaurs, microorganisms, horses, woodland creatures and much more! At our last session we learnt about polar animals, a fitting topic for this time of year.   

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Infinite Mommy Breastfeeding Cover Review

My breastfeeding journey

I am currently breastfeeding my fourth baby who is now two months old. I have breastfed all four of my babies but I had never tried a breastfeeding cover until now. With my first baby, I was so anxious to breastfeed in public. I remember covering up with scarves or blankets when I was out and about and needed to feed my baby. A scarf is reasonable but I imagine my daughter would not have been too happy about be covered with a hot, stuffy blanket!


Thursday 7 December 2017

How to Deal With Negativity About Homeschooling

Recently, I made a video talking about our homeschool journey. If you watched that, you will know that I never planned to homeschool. It was something we fell into due to our personal circumstances but since then we have not looked back. We love homeschooling and have fun every single day. However, we also do experience a lot negativity about it; particularly from family members, unfortunately. They just cannot understand why we chose to homeschool our children and are blinded by the "kids must go to school" mentality. 


Monday 4 December 2017

November Nature Studies

If you have read about our homeschool curriculum or follow my instagram account, you will know we are following a nature curriculum this year called 'Exploring Nature With Children'. It is a wonderful curriculum that covers different topics each week of the year. For each week, there are activities to do, recommended reading, poetry and a piece of art to study. The curriculum incorporates science, English, art and nature studies so it is really varied. You can check out the curriculum here.


Friday 1 December 2017

December Monthly Goals - Knitting

Last month, I wrote about my monthly goals as a way of sharing with you what I was up to and keeping myself accountable. Last months goals were all about striving to be more organised and productive. As the mother of a newborn baby, it has been a struggle to get things done, understandably. But I felt that I should start to get back on track and begin to organise myself better in order to be more productive.

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