Friday 6 February 2015

Winter Crafts

Here is a round up of all the winter-themed art we have been creating over the last month or so. Creating seasonal artwork is a really good way of introducing your child to the seasons. We love doing arts and crafts based on the seasons, you just need to look out the window for some inspiration.

                              Paper plate snowmen


I cut the rim off the edge of the plate and used this to make the hate and scarf. Then I cut out some circles from black paper to make the snowman's mouth and a triangle from orange paper to make the nose. Googly eyes were the finishing touch.


D had to colour hers in pink as usual!

                                 Toilet roll snowmen


This is a super easy craft using bits and bobs from around the house, toilet roll tubes, cotton wool and glue.


Simply stick the cotton wool all over the cardboard tube. The children love this sort of thing.


R showing off his snowman! Finally, add some googly eyes and any other features and accessories you chose.

                                Pipe cleaner snowflakes


Grab some beads and some pipe cleaners to make this snowflake craft.



Join pipe cleaners together by wrapping them round each other. Then thread beads onto the pipe cleaners and you're done. I love crafts that only involve a few supplies!



D insisted on making a multicoloured snowflake!



R went for the more traditional colours; white, blue and clear. I think they look fab hanging up round the house. I love displaying the children's creations for us all to admire.

                                Snowman name craft


I cut out some circles from white paper; one for  the face and one for each letter of the children's names to make up the snowmen's bodies. Then the children stuck them onto blue paper, drew on the snowman's face and wrote their names (well, I wrote R's name but D wrote hers.)


I love how D has started drawing lovely long eye lashes on all her faces! She loves to practice writing her name and for some reason prefers the capital 'A' than the lower case 'a'. The children then stuck wintry sequins on to the paper to finish off their pictures.

                                  Egg carton igloos


You may have noticed a theme here with all the cotton wool, but it is just perfect for snowy, winter-themed crafts. For our final cotton wool craft we made igloos. Simply cover the egg carton with cotton wool and there you have it; an igloo. 


This was quite an educational craft as I explained to the children what  igloos were and they asked lots of questions about them. I just love it when something fun can turn into an learning experience.

More of our winter crafts to follow soon!


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