Friday 13 February 2015

Fabric heart cards


We do not really celebrate Valentine's day as we believe you should make your loved ones feel special everyday not just on one special day of the year. However, I know it's easier said than done with the busy lives we lead. The children do not actually know about Valentine's day but were inspired by D's leaving card which she received when she left Farm Adventurers last week. It was a handmade card with paper hearts stuck onto the front and can be seen in this post. She said she wanted to recreate it but we ended up making the cards slightly differently to the original as we used different materials - D had taken a liking to some bright pink fabric.


We got some sheets of metallic A4 card and folded them in half. Next, I cut out rectangles of fabric to stick to the front of the cards. Then, I cut some hearts out of the pink fabric for the children to stick on.


R loves sticking! You can see some flowers on the table which were a surprise present from my husband. 


Here are some of the cards the children made.


And some more!

The children loved this activity and kept asking to make more and more cards so in the end we ended up with 6 of them. They said they were for me, their Baba (father in Turkish) and their Babcia and Dziadek (grandparents in Polish). R also said he was going to keep one for himself!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Who will you be giving cards to?



  1. Such a cute fabric heart card. They would be perfect as a Mother's Day activity with the kids! x

    1. I think you're right, they would be perfect for Mother's Day :)

  2. Aww those cards are so cute, hand made cards are the best I think :) x
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    1. I also love handmade things best. Always nice to know someone has made a bit of effort making something nice for you :)

  3. Aw there so cute,I love doing arts & craft with my little one.



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