Monday 23 February 2015

Paper plate rabbit ears


We have been reading Beatrix Potter books a lot recently. They are some of my favourite children's books. I think we began to read Beatrix Potter when D was about 3 years old and they are still on the bookshelves and get pulled out from time to time. The stories are so imaginative and the pictures are a joy to look at. Now, there is even a TV show based on the Peter Rabbit story as well.

We enjoy painting pictures of Peter Rabbit and his friends but I thought we could do some rabbit crafts. Here is our first one; rabbit ears.

Paper plate
pink card


First take a paper plate and cut a line down the rim of the plate.


Next, cut round the rim on both sides of the slit leaving a bit at the top uncut. Cut a line through the middle of the inner circle to make the ears. Fold so that the ears stand up.


Round the ears off at the top to make them more of an oval shape.


Next, cut out some smaller ovals from card and glue into the middle of the rabbit ears.


You should have something like this. The final step is to staple the back of the hat together depending on the size you want. Try it on your child first and adjust to the right size before stapling.


You can now wear your hat!


R looks very proud of his! Now it's time for some imaginative play!



  1. Very cute rabbit ears! We love Peter Rabbit as well. A true classic story for children.

    1. Thank you :) I think classic books are the best :)

  2. omg this is such a good idea!! and YAY for beatrix potter!! I used to love a bit of BP when I was a child, Miss Tiggywinkle was my favourite!

  3. Waheyyy what a fab and cheap idea! This is one for upcoming easter for sure!

    1. Oh it would definitely be a good easter craft :)

  4. Those rabbit ears are so cute and very easy to make. They will be perfect at Easter! x

    1. Oh yes this would definitely be a great Easter craft.


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