Wednesday 3 September 2014


I learnt to knit as a child. I was always into creative things; knitting, sewing, drawing, painting. I remember my mother teaching me to knit the continental way where you don't need to wind the wool round the needle using your hand, you just hook it and pull it through with the needle (not sure if that makes any sense!). I remember knitting patchwork squares in the hope of making a blanket, as well as knitting scarves.


For many years I didn't knit. Then when I became pregnant with my first child I took it up again. My first project was baby bootees. I managed to finish them quickly and soon went onto knitting baby cardigans. I liked the baby projects as they were small and quick to knit. I felt a sense of accomplishment. I loved to put my hand knitted items on my baby. There's just something lovely about seeing a baby in a soft, fluffy knitted cardigan, especially one you have made yourself.

I started to knit more and more, made a few things for myself and family members. I spent ages searching for patterns and looking at wool. And then i stopped. I got busy, didn't have the time. But I miss the hand-knitted things. I need to get back into it. I'm starting early as before I know it it will be winter, I'm sure. So, I'm going through my patterns and choosing which to make for the kids this winter. I definitely won't have time to make anything for myself unfortunately. I put all my own patterns in a file; I will get round to them one day.


Here is my current project; a pink cardigan for D. She requested pink, she always request pink!


As you can see, although I am following the pattern, I changed the stitch. I have an amazing book that I bought from a charity shop for £1 which tells you how to do so many different stitches. I love to customise patterns by changing the stitches. I normally do this if they have quite a plain stitch pattern. I like to make them more interesting to look at as well as knit.

I really hope I can get the time to finish it!


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