Tuesday 30 September 2014

Fizzy, Foaming Fun!


When vinegar mixes with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) an exciting reaction occurs. It fizzes and bubbles and it's fascinating to watch. It's a fun introduction to science for little ones. You can explain how when the vinegar is added to the bicarbonate of soda a chemical reaction occurs and produces the fizzy eruption!


I set up the activity on a plastic cloth on the floor. The bicarbonate of soda was in a tray and the vinegar was mixed with liquid watercolours in a muffin tin. I also gave the kids some pipettes to transfer the coloured vinegar to the baking soda.


The children were amazed at what happened when they squirted the vinegar onto the bicarbonate of soda.


This was the first time the children had used pipettes so I explained to them how they worked and how to use them and they soon got the hang of it. This was a great task for helping to develop fine motor skills.


                Soon the bicarbonate of soda became multicoloured!


                The mixture bubbled with eruptions everywhere!


The children played for a long time, especially D. T don't think there is any other activity which has held her attention for this long! She played and played until there was nothing but a mass of purple slime-like substance left. "Can we do it again tomorrow?" she asked.


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