Friday 19 September 2014

Apple tasting


Following on with the apple theme we did some apple tasting! For almost a year now I have been receiving fruit and veg boxes from the local farm. They are truly amazing and have revolutionised the way I cook by allowing us to eat seasonal, organic food. Recently we received a large fruit box containing 3 different types of apples. I've no idea which varieties they were but they were different colours which the children and I found exciting.

I cut up the apples and put them on a plate. Next I got a plain sheet of paper and drew a simple table placing the different apples at the top. Then, it was tasting time! I asked the children to describe the flavour, colour and texture of each apple and we wrote the adjectives down. After writing the adjectives in English, I then wrote them again in Turkish and finally in Zazaki (my husband's mother tongue). I wrote them in different colours to help keep the languages seperate. It was such a fun way to learn some new vocabulary. 


I've stuck the table on the wall under our alphabet coconut tree. I purchased the coconut tree wall art after seeing it here. We have the book 'Chicka chicka boom boom' which tells the story of all the letters climbing up the coconut tree. It is the first alphabet book I got for D and R and they absolutely love it. D quickly learned to tell the story along with me when I'm reading it. It's so catchy! This will definitely be a favourite book for years to come.



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