Wednesday 24 September 2014

Cupcake case butterflies


We have been learning about butterflies recently so I decided we should make some. I scoured the internet and found so many great craft ideas. I loved these little cupcake case butterflies but they either used 4 cupcake cases to make 4 wings or 2 to make 2 wings. I experimented and found out that by folding them in a certain way I could make 4 wings using only 2 cases. Here is my tutorial.


Cupcake cases (2 per butterfly)
Wooden clothes pegs


                                First, get 2 cupcake cases.


                                Fold them in half.


Fold them over again with one side overlapping the other like this. See, It looks like 4 wings!


                            Glue in the middle.


                     Next, Glue a wooden clothes peg in the middle.


Then have fun decorating with glitter. Finally, use a gem as the butterflies head.



                               These are R's creations!


        These are D's creations! As you can see, she used a lot more glitter.


              This photo was taken by D, my little budding photographer.


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