Wednesday 24 September 2014

B is for butterfly


So after spending last week on the letter A, we moved onto B. We had lots of fun thinking about which animals and objects begin with the letter B. First off was butterflies. The children love butterflies. There is something magical about them. The way they fly, the brilliant colours etc. We learnt about how caterpillars turn to butterflies with the help of the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a classic children's favourite. A few months ago I made a felt boar for this story which you can see here.

I printed off lots of butterfly pictures ready for colouring in with pencils, pens or paints. I managed to buy these lovely watercolour paints from Lidl at a bargain price. This is the first time the kids have used watercolours rather than poster paint. They both loved it, and the results were lovely.


D was concentrating hard and really thinking about which colours to use and where to use them.


R had fun too. A great thing about watercolours is that they are not as messy as posterpaints!


Here are D's butterflies. I was really impressed with these. I particularly like the multicoloured  one in the middle


Here are R's butterflies. He started off well using different colours and then just painted all over in black!


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