Wednesday 4 June 2014



This is the final post about my springtime wall art. I know it's almost summer but not quite yet! One thing that springtime is known for are the April showers. What better way to represent this than a cloudy day picture full of brightly coloured rainbows. 

I found this idea here. It looks like they've used coloured paper or card but I had recently bought some coloured crepe paper so thought we'd use this instead. Cut out some umbrellas from the coloured paper and stick them to the background card. I have to say using crepe paper was a mistake. I didn't realise how difficult and fiddly crepe paper can be especially when glue is applied to it. The kids found it quite difficult to stick the crepe paper to the background card without ripping it. So, if you are trying to make this yourself, I would recommend using card or paper instead of the crepe paper. 


Once you have got all the umbrellas stuck down, it's time to make the clouds. Do this by sticking cotton wool to the picture. I always think cotton wool is very effective for making clouds and the kids love using it as a craft material. We also added a yellow crepe paper sun to the corner of the picture, partially covered by cloud. Then, we put on some raindrops falling from the clouds.


                                    Ready to hang on the wall!



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