Sunday 1 June 2014

Tissue paper rainbow


My children love rainbows. With their brilliant colours and magical stories of pots of gold lying at the bottom of the rainbow it's hard not to be attracted by their fairytale charm. Seeing a rainbow in the sky really brightens up my day.

To make this rainbow you will need some white card or paper, glue and some coloured tissue paper. I have a packet of small square tissue paper but you can cut or rip the tissue paper into small squares if you have the bigger pieces. Next, cut a semi-circle from the card or paper. Finally, start sticking!


              The children used our wooden rainbow toy as a guide.


              The finished product by D! 


R got bored quite quickly. As a toddler, he has a relatively short attention span so often leaves things unfinished.


These really do brighten up our dull magnolia walls!

Our wooden rainbow toy and tissue paper can be purchased from here:


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