Monday 2 June 2014

Tree in bloom


Blossoming trees and plants are a sure sign spring is here. Parks and gardens become filled with splashes of colour and petals fall off trees as lightly as snowflakes. A spring art wall would not be complete without a picture of a tree in blossom. Of course the blossom had to be pink, the pinker the better according to D.

We started off by mixing white and red paints to make pink. Getting children to mix up the colours themselves is a good way of teaching them about colour mixing and helping them to understand how mixing certain colours together can produce different colours. D had good fun adding the different paints until she got the shade of pink she wanted.



I prepared the background by gluing a strip of green paper along the bottom of a piece of blue card. Then I painted a brown tree onto the background for R.


D said she wanted to use felt tips for her tree so I drew a tree and let her colour it in.


Then she and R had fun adding finger print blossom onto the tree using the pink paint.


This is the result!


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