Sunday 8 June 2014

How our chicks have grown!


This is a post for all the chicken lovers! Some photos of our chicks. It's amazing how they've grown in the past 2 months since we brought them home.







D feeding the chickens.


My husband and children love watching the chickens!

Here are a few pictures of our newest chickens.






Our first eggs!



We are still trying to work out which of our chicks are male and which are female. Can you tell from the picture?



  1. Salam alaykum, my husband came home last week saying he wants to section off a part of the garden and have chickens! I am not excited at all and I just know I ill be expected to care for them!!!! My kids are enough! lol Do you think the chickens will be bothered by our rabbit or vice versa?

    1. W.salam. Chickens are great! Don't be so worried :) They are very easy to look after. You just need to clean them out once a week/fortnight and feed them every day. My kids love to help me out with these jobs. Maybe your kids would like it too? They especially love to collect the eggs! I don't have any other pets so don't know if it would be a problem with chickens and a rabbit t in a book I read they were saying how having chickens and cats was not a problem so I don't think having them would be a problem. Hope that helps! If you look at this post you will be able to read about our reasons for getting chickens

  2. MashaAllah your chickens are lovely. How can I follow your blog?

    1. Jazakhallah khair! I have a facebook page where I regularly post links to my new blog posts. You can like it here

      I just realised I don't have links to following and liking my page. I will have to sort that out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    2. You can follow me on bloglovin or networked blogs


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