Wednesday 25 June 2014

Fish bathtime game

Find the fish pairs


Having just received our new Fun Fish Counters, the children were eager to use them. I filled the bath and chose pairs of fish (there are 5 of each type of fish) to throw in. To top it off, a splash of blue Liquid Watercolour made the water all the more inviting. R was ecstatic to see the bathwater his favourite colour and impatiently began to scoop around in the water before he even got in.

The children enjoyed scooping around the bottom of the bathtub trying to catch the fish. They placed their caught fish on the side of the bath and began to excitedly match the pairs. The vibrant colours of the fish are eye-grabbing and really brightened up the bathroom. With the wide array of colours and shapes as well as the learning potential (matching pairs, grouping into sets, counting), these fish are bound to be a firm favourite for a long time to come!




  1. What a lovely fun bath time activity! Great way to learn about pairs too.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

    1. You're welcome :) yes a great learning activity as well as lots of fun.

  2. such a great idea, T loves 'novelty' baths so I think he'd love to play this game and learn at the same time.



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