Saturday 24 May 2014

Spring Table Crafts

I have been meaning to make a seasons table for quite a while now but never got round to it until now. A seasons table is great for teaching children about the seasons. You can arrange objects on the table that represent the season and the children can access it during the day and explore the different items. 

Now is the season of spring, a wonderful season to start. One morning, I explained to the children that we would be making a seasons table. We got talking about the different seasons and what they were like and I told them that now it is springtime. We spoke about the different things that represent spring; lambs and other baby animals, blossoms appearing on trees, flowers, such as daffodils, appearing and April showers.

We had lots of fun making crafts to represent spring for our spring table. Here is what we made....

Lamb craft

To make these, cut a circle of white card, cover with cotton wool. Then cut some black card for the face, glue on some eyes and glue the face onto the cotton wool. Finally, paint some wooden clothes pegs black and peg them on to make the legs!

Incy Wincy Spider craft 

Incy wincy spider to represent the rain! These were made using toilet rolls.

Making the sun because spring is not only about rain! We made this from a circle of white card which D painted yellow and then sprinkled some gold glitter over.

Chick crafts

We made some cute little chicks using yellow pom poms, orange felt and googly eyes!

We also made some chicks using orange and yellow felt, orange pipe cleaners and googly eyes!

The baskets you can see in the first picture came with some chocolate eggs. The children love to play with the animals on the spring table. D likes to sing Incy Wincy spider, making the spiders climb up the spout and then fall down again. R loves to play with the sheep in particular but also has a tendency to pull the animals apart, especially the googly eyes! So, I've had to mend them a few times already!

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  1. Looks like fun! My son loves crafts. Great ideas here, thanks!

  2. What a lovely, creative idea. This would be lovely in Nurseries and Reception classes in Schools. Thanks for linking up to this weeks #RetroBlogPosts


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