Saturday 17 May 2014

Homemade Alphabet Match Game

Homemade alphabet match game

Now that D has turned four years old, I have been thinking more seriously about teaching her how to read. The first step to becoming literate is learning the alphabet. I have seen many fun literacy games on the internet but this homemade game is one of my favourites. I made it a while ago now and both D and R enjoy playing with it. It is a good to start teaching the alphabet to children because it involves matching the letters by recognising the different shapes the letters make. Knowledge of the letters of the alphabet is an important pre-literacy skill. Once this skill has been mastered, the child can then move onto more complex literacy skills such as writing each letter or putting a few letters together to make a word.


To make the game you will need a piece of card or paper, 26 bottle tops, alphabet stickers or a pen to write on the bottle tops and a sheet of paper. Firstly, draw around the bottle tops to create 26 circles on  the paper. Then write a different letter of the alphabet in each circle. 


Next get your bottle tops and stick an alphabet sticker or draw the letters on them.


 Now you are ready to play!



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