Saturday 31 May 2014

Springtime Wall Art

Springtime Wall Art

Whilst making crafts for our spring table, we also made some pictures to put on the wall. The children had lots of fun painting and gluing and created some wonderfully colourful pieces of art which brighten up the wall. I love to see their artwork displayed rather than hidden away in a drawer. Our springtime wall art is displayed above our spring table. As the seasons change our wall art will change along with it. 

Over the next few days I will be posting about each of these art projects. The first one is painting tulips. I got the idea for this project from this post spring art tulip painting.


Tulips are a sign of spring. They grow from bulbs that have been planted in the autumn and produce a vibrant array of beautiful flowers in the springtime. Tulips come in almost every colour, so the children can choose the colours themselves without you worrying about how realistic the painting will turn out! The colours D chose were orange, purple, red and yellow. These colours, up against the green of the stem, complimented each other perfectly.


We started by getting the paints, a piece of white card, plastic forks and a paintbrush. The children dipped the forks into the paint and then pressed them onto the paper. This made a wonderful tulip-like print on the card.


The kids had great fun doing this and it wasn't too difficult which means it's a great craft for toddlers to do as well as older children.


After they had finished making the tulip prints, the children got some green paint and a paintbrush and drew stems on the flowers. R needed quite a bit of help with this, mainly because he loses interest in things very quickly!


Using forks to paint with has given me inspiration for a few other things that could be used for painting. Such a simple idea but with a striking results. Tomorrow I will be sharing my post on how to make our tissue paper rainbows!

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