Sunday 24 September 2017

Incorporating Islam into Our Homeschool

I wrote a few weeks ago about our new homeschool curriculum here, but now I would like to share with you how we are incorporating Islam into our home learning this year. As Muslims it is extremely important for us to work Islam into our everyday lives and teach our children about it. I have come across many resources to help teach our children about Islam and now I will share them with you.

Safar publications

Textbook and Workbook

These books will make up the majority of the Islamic studies in our homeschool this year. We have just started using them for the first time and I am highly impressed with the quality and the content. The textbook has bright and colourful illustrations that are attractive to children and the content is at a suitable level for the recommended age groups. The workbooks have excellent tasks and exercises in them for the children to complete.

Essential Duas and Surahs

We will also be using this book by Safar publications for learning duas and surahs. I am really impressed by this book as it gives virtues for each dua to help explain the meaning and importance of it. I think this will be a really useful book for us this year.


My children will continue working through the Qaida book this year. I really like Safar publication's version of the Qaida as it splits the learning up into lessons which makes sense to me. There is also guidance on each new rule that you come across.

99 Names of Allah Flashcards

I purchased these flashcards from My Box of Deen and they will be helping us to learn about the 99 names of Allah this year. I am hoping to work on one of these names per week. We will be using these flashcards as well as using arts and crafts to aid learning.


As you may know, we learn Arabic as a third language. My children go to Arabic school on Saturday and they also have a private lesson once a week. Some resources we use for Arabic learning are:

WordUnited flashcards are the best flashcards I have come across. You can read my review of them here. And if you use the voucher code 20free at the checkout you will get 20% off! If you live in the UK you will also get free delivery using this code which is valid until the end of the year.

Arabicubes are another great resource I have reviewed here. If you use the code learnarabic at the checkout you will get 10% off. Valid until October 10th 2017.

Arabic seeds is an excellent website providing downloadable Arabic language resources. Read my review of the resources here. If you use the code livelovearabic you can get 20% off downloadable items. Voucher code is valid until December 31st 2017.

Islamic TV

I do not allow my children to spend too much time watching TV but I am always happy for them to watch programs based on Islam. Ali Huda is an amazing new platform providing TV shows for Muslim children. It is the new Muslim Netflix for children! Check out my review of Ali Huda here. You can use the voucher code MULTICULTURAL to get a 7 day FREE trail and first month half price! Simply go to the website and add this code when you sign up.


I will be playing an audio of the Quran daily during various times. My children love to listen to it and I find it a good thing to have on in the background while they play independently with toys or do things like painting.


My children love singing and one of the ways we can instil a love of Islam in our lives is by listening to nasheeds. By listening to nasheeds, I find that the beautiful lyrics make us think about our religion, uplift us and increase our iman. Some of our favourite nasheed artists include Yusuf Islam and Maher Zain.

Recently I have come across a new company who produce Islamic songs for children, Inspiring Belief. They have three songs available at the moment and you can take a look here. These songs are perfect for younger children to learn about Islam. I can imagine them being used by teachers at schools and preschools or mums at playgroups during circle time.


As my eldest daughter is 7 years old now, we will be concentrating more on learning salah. She normally joins in prayer with me and copies the actions but I will be working on teaching her the words and the meaning of the words. I will also be teaching the children how to make wudu.

Bedtime routine

I would like to make more effort to recite surahs as part of our bedtime routine. At the moment, I read stories to the children before bed but after this I would like to recite surahs as well. What better way to finish the day than to recite the Quran before sleeping.

I hope this has given you some ideas of how you can incorporate Islam into your home learning. Do you use any of these resources in your home? Are there any other resources you would recommend?

Disclosure: Some affiliate links have been used in this article.

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