Thursday 28 September 2017

Ali Huda Review - Muslim Netflix for Children

Ali Huda Review

Bringing up children in the technological age can be a worry. There are so many TV channels showing so many different types of programs for children, but do we really know what they are watching? Even UK channels CBeebies and CBBC, channels which are made specifically for children, can have problematic content that we would rather our children did not see. It can be difficult, as well as time consuming, to screen each and every program before we allow our children to watch it. I have not got time for that! Therefore, I was delighted to hear about Ali Huda, the new Muslim Netflix for children. I know my children can watch this without worrying about the content. 

Entertaining and educational

I think you will agree that previous to this, there has not been enough content for Muslim children that safeguards the deen. Ali Huda is parents' answer to this lack of content as it provides TV shows for Muslim children that are both entertaining and educational. Their mission is to get the children of the Ummah to experience 'joy, excitement and curiosity about learning Islam and its core values, Quran, the lives of the prophets, Islamic history, Muslim scientists' and more! 

Easy to navigate

Ali Huda can be viewed online or on the APP. We have been viewing it on the APP on our iPAD. It is easy for both parents and children to navigate. You can search for programs by category, such as series, Quran and Arabic or travel and outdoors, or by age group (the age range being 2 - 12). It is easy to find what you are looking for. 

Lots of shows to choose from

There are lots of different types of shows, such as, Quran and Arabic teaching, cartoons with good moral stories and even a show about Muslims around the world. Scrap Book Island teaches children the alphabet in English and Arabic as well as introducing young children to numbers and showing how to do some amazing arts and craft projects. One of my children's favourites is the Misri Bunch. They quickly picked up the words to the nasheed at the beginning of each episode and love to sing along to it.

There are a lot of great nasheeds and song videos that are very educational too. Children can learn the Arabic alphabet, Arabic numbers, the names of the prophets and the five pillars of Islam all through song. Singing is a great way for children, particularly young children, to learn new things. They are drawn to the the varied intonation and rhythm of singing and the repetition allows them to acquire new vocabulary. Singing also aids auditory memory, the ability to process, retain and recall the things you hear. So next time you want your children to remember something, try letting them learn a song about it!

Ad free

One of the great things about Ali Huda is that there are no adverts. It drives me crazy the amount of adverts on TV channels aimed at kids as it draws them into the world of advertising at such a young age. Ali Huda is completely different. The monthly fee they charge enables them to provide a service which is completely ad free!

The only slight criticism I have of Ali Huda is that a number of the programs are quite short, just a few minutes long. Luckily, however, the next episode will play automatically so parents do not have to go and choose another episode to play every few minutes. Older children can choose programs for themselves as it is very easy to navigate.

Incorporating Ali Huda into our homeschool

There are many educational programs on Ali Huda that make great resources for homeschoolers. There are programs that teach Arabic and Quran such as 'Quran 4 Kids', 'Madrasah TV' and 'Learn Arabic with Osratouna'. There are programs that teach children about Islam such as 'The Prophets of Islam', '5 Pillars of Islam' and 'Amani and Zhirk practise', a program which teaches children about Islamic etiquette. These programs, and many more, are great additions to your homeschool curriculum. 

My children have enjoyed learning through watching these programs. They often get their whiteboards out and sit down to practise what is being shown. 

Ali Huda is an amazing platform that provides hours of entertainment and learning for Muslim children everywhere. There are new shows being added all the time so you are sure to find something your child will love. Above all, it provides peace of mind for parents.

Voucher code

If you would like to give Ali Huda a try, go to their website and use the voucher code MULTICULTURAL for a 7 day FREE trial plus your first month at half price!

Discalimer: I was given a free trial for purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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