Monday 6 April 2015

Egg hunt in the garden


Yesterday, we spent the day at my parent's house. All my siblings were there and before the family meal the children did another egg hunt, this time in the garden. My parent's have a lovely big garden which is great for the children to run around in. 

We had some hollow eggs that split in half so you can put things inside. We put some small chocolate eggs inside. My siblings had hidden the eggs before we arrived, so the children went to look for them straight away.


Some were hidden by the playhouse.



R spotted one that was hidden in the guinea pig run!


R reaches inside to retrieve it.


He is eager to open it!


What's inside?


D shows us her chocolate eggs!


There was an egg hidden in the vegetable patch.



R happily shows off his egg.


D shows off her egg too.


The children were so happy with all their eggs.

These eggs are fabulous for a variety of games. I will write about some ideas on how to use them in the near future.



  1. That looks like a lovely day. We always used to do egg hunts for the children when they were small. Not sure who enjoyed it most, them or us, but I think it's a tradition well worth doing.

    1. It is a lovely tradition. We often do this kind of thing, not just at Easter. The children love hunting for things!

  2. Awww cute! I can't wait until my little one is old enough to do an Easter egg hunt...he's 6 months at the moment.

    1. Aww I'm sure he will love it when he's older!


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