Monday 23 October 2017

Bilingual Language Activity: Autumn

We have been learning about autumn this month in our nature curriculum. I always try to add some language learning into whatever we are doing. I previously wrote an article about using Arabic language resources to learn about autumn, so I thought it would be good to show you how we have incorporated Turkish language learning into our homeschool too. 

We often use arts and crafts to aid language learning. Not only is it fun, it also aids memorisation and keeps children interested in the task. We made posters of things that remind us of autumn and used these to help us talk about the season in Turkish. Creating a poster is a great visual aid children can look at and display.

I set up the table with sheets of A3 paper and coloured pens and told the children to draw all the things that remind them of autumn.

Once they had finished their drawings, we then spoke about them using Turkish words and phrases. We wrote the phrases on the picture.

This is R's poster.

D created this one.

Turkish phrases to talk about autumn

sonbahar                                        autumn
yaprak                                            leaf
yapraklar                                        leaves
turuncu yapraklar                           orange leaves
sarı yapraklar                                 yellow leaves
kırmızı yapraklar                            red leaves
yapraklar düsüyor leaves are falling
sıcak kiyafetler giy                         wear warm clothes
havai fişek                                      firework
havai fişekler                                  fireworks
şenlik ateşi                                     bonfire
elma                                               apple
elmalar                                           apple
atkestanesi                                     conker
atkestanesiler                                 conkers
atkestanesiler                                 we gathered conkers
çam kozalağı pine cone
çam kozalakları pine cones
çam kozalakları topladık                 we gathered pine cones
cadılar bayramı                              Halloween
kuişlar göç eder birds migrate

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