Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Doily butterflies


Whilst we were on the topic of butterflies I had the idea of using some coloured doilies for a butterfly craft. It's very simple and easy for even very young children to get involved with.


lolly pop sticks


Start off by cutting triangles out of the top and bottom of the doilie.


Next glue a lolly pop stick in the centre to make the butterfly's body.


Finally get creative gluing some sequins on the butterfly!


I also made these little butterflies from the triangular bits I cut out. I stuck 2 together and then glued some sequins in the middle to form the body. After we stuck them to the children's wardrobe to brighten it up a bit. They were very pleased with that.


  1. oh they look like a good and easy thing too do I am so crap at craft!!! must get better with the kids!

    1. This is a very simple craft, only using few materials. I'm sure you could do it :) I find you can get a lot of craft supplies at the supermarket these days.

  2. Such a lovely idea to make butterflies with doilies. Little man was actually saying today that he can't draw butterflies, so perhaps we could craft some instead x

    1. That's a good idea. This is a good craft for young children, all they have to do is the sticking and they usually love that!


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