Thursday 29 January 2015

Being organised


It is my aim this year to be much more organised which is something I've never been very good at. I've always liked the idea of organising and I do find organising quite satisfying once it's done and everything looks neat and orderly. That's the key for me, it has to look aesthetically pleasing. I love to think up storage solutions and sort things into drawers and boxes but the problem is I never seem to manage to keep on top of the mess! Naturally I'm not a very tidy person, clean yes but certainly not tidy. I blame my creative streak; according to research untidy people are more creative. My mind is full to the brim of ideas that are almost overflowing into chaos. So much to do, so little time! That's how I feel usually. How can I organise these ideas and start doing more rather than just planning and dreaming them up all the time? I think I know the answer, or at least I hope I do. I need to start organising my day better. I need to make time for things, for people. I need to make better use of my time.



I wasn't at all sure where to start with organising my life better so, as I do these days, I turned to pinterest for some inspiration. I found these fabulous printables for a home binder and budget binder and decided to use these. I bought some cute folders from Wilkos and spent an evening printing off page after page and adding it to the folders. 

The home binder is divided into sections; calender, meal planner, cleaning, inspiration and miscellaneous. In the calender section I have a monthly calender, weekly overview and daily planner. This may seem like a lot and time will tell if they are all necessary. I am finding it particularly useful to write a plan each day detailing what we need to do, where we need to go and if I need to buy anything or contact anyone. I write it first thing in the morning and in the evening I can take a look back and see if I've achieved everything I set out to do that day. If I didn't manage to get something done, I can just carry it over to the next day and write it in the next days plan. I have been doing this for the last two weeks so far, quite successfully. Will have to see if I manage to keep it up!

As for the budget binder, I think this will be a necessity for me this year. It is our plan to save money this year by budgeting better. The sections are really useful. At the beginning is a page or two devoted to our goals for the year, things we would like to buy or save up for and how we plan to do this. Next, comes a table where I've written down all our monthly or quarterly outgoings. Then, there are monthly expenses tables where I write down what we have spent on what each day. At the end of each month is a reflection page where we can look back at the past month and figure out what we have done well and what we have not done so well. Hopefully in a few months time we will be budgeting much better.

This year I will be organised!



  1. Those look great! I'm trying to be more organized as well! Hope we'll both succeed at it!

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you have any ideas :) always looking for more tips.

  2. Organization is key to a successful day. Ticking off things you have done gives a pleasing sense of achievement. I write things after I have done them to get the pleasure of ticking them off.


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