Friday 9 July 2021

Prioritising Children: Time Management Tips For Busy Mums

Time management is a common issue for busy mums. There always seems to be something to do whether it be running around after the children, cooking the dinner or ironing your husband's shirts. There is so much to do that sometimes it can become overwhelming. More tasks creep onto the never-ending pile of jobs and you wonder how any of them will ever get done. Do you sit there at the end of the day thinking about where the day has gone? It went by a in a flash and you have not got half the things done that you wanted to.

Furthermore, you may find that your to do list is so jam-packed, it becomes hard to find a space to spend time with those you love. However, spending time with our children is one of the most important things we can do. Being there for them, listening to them, teaching them and having fun with them is the most important use of our time. Children yearn for our attention. They love us to spend time with them but finding the time in the busyness of our hectic lives can be a struggle. If only we had more time in the day or, better still, less to do.

What can we do to improve the situation? Time management is the answer. If we learn to manage our time more wisely, we can not only tackle our to do list but also free up time to spend with our children. This will lead to a happier family unit overall. So, how can we manage our time better? Here are some tips.

Plan your day

I always seem to get more done if I plan my day. It does not necessarily have to be a detailed plan but a rough guide on what things you will be doing throughout the day can be very helpful. When writing your daily plan, first think about any set activities you or your children have scheduled that day and write them in. Next, think about what you can fit in around those activities. 

It can be really helpful to write out your daily plan either in a diary, journal or on a piece of paper. This way you can refer to it throughout the day to make sure you are getting everything done. It can also be very therapeutic to cross things off the list once they get completed.

If, like me, you are a homeschooler, you will have to schedule your child's work for the day as well as prepare all their educational resources. If I do not plan these things in advance, I can waste a lot of time thinking about what to do in the morning and nothing much gets done. Planning really is key to a productive day. If you have a productive day and get things done, it is likely you are going to have more time to spend with your children 
once your must-do jobs have been completed.

Work when the kids are in bed

If you are a working mother and work from home, you may sometimes wonder how you can possibly fit everything into the day. How can you manage your time so that neither your work nor your family suffers? The answer is to do as much as you can in the evenings while your children are in bed.

I have been doing this for the last 11 years; first as a university student and now as a Blogger. I had my first child when I was at university and soon realised that any work I wanted to do had to be done while my daughter was sleeping. Therefore, I soon got used to spending my evenings reading, writing assignments and revising for exams. Now that I am a Blogger, I spend my evenings writing articles and doing other things that are necessary for maintaining a blog. 

It can be hard to start work after a long, exhausting day running around after the children, there is no doubt about that. However, if you want to spend as much time as possible with your children during their waking hours, it has to do be done. You will not regret it. 

Switch off social media

If you are anything like me, you will probably have a lot of social media accounts. As a homeschooling mum with four young children, sometimes social media is my only chance to get some adult conversation during the day! However, once I start it can be easy to get sucked in to the black hole that is the internet. Either you are on Facebook and you click on a link which leads you to an article with more links and you keep clicking, or you get stuck in an endless debate about the best way to discipline your toddler. In any case, you could easily end up glued to your phone or tablet procrastinating the hours away. 

If you really want to work through your to do list, the best way is for you to switch off social media until you get it all done. This can be easier said than done, I know too well the urge to check the notifications. So, try turning off notifications or, if this does not work, switch off your phone. You will be amazed at what you can get done without these distractions. So switch off social media and spend more time with those you live with. I am sure they will appreciate it!  


Getting the house in order can take up a lot of time. As mums, we often take the responsibility of running the household on our shoulders. However, we needn't do everything alone. Children are quite capable of helping out around the house. Even at a young age, you can ask your children to do simple tasks such as setting the table or tidying their toys away. Once they get older you can give them more responsibility. Perhaps put together a chore rota which lists the tasks and who will do them each day. 

Personally, I would not recommend rewarding children for doing chores. This will lead to them always expecting something each time they help out around the house and this is not something that should be encouraged. Instead, they should understand that chores are a part of life and feel happy that they are contributing to the tidiness and cleanliness of the house. Having a clean and tidy house to live in is a reward in itself, not money, chocolate or some other treat.

Once you learn to delegate tasks to others in your household, not only will you have less to do yourself, you will also be able to complete them quicker by working together. This will free up some time which you will then be able to spend with your children doing things you enjoy. 

Make time for yourself

Finally, as mothers we spend so much time running around after others it can be easy to neglect ourselves. However, if we are tired and stressed we are no good to anyone. Therefore, it is extremely important that we make time for ourselves too. If we look after ourselves we will be better able to look after others. Whether it be going to an exercise class, having a relaxing bubble bath or going for coffee with a friend, take time out to do something for you once in a while. If you are relaxed and happy, your family will be too.

I hope these tips will help you be more productive and free up time to spend with those you love. Children are our biggest responsibility and spending time with them should be our top priority. One thing you will never regret is spending time with your children so find as many ways as you can to spend more time with them today. 


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