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Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5

Literacy skills are crucial for all aspects of life. Reading is important not only for enjoyment but also for learning and functioning in society. The path towards literacy begins the day a baby is born. It is never too young to begin reading to your baby and the foundations laid in the first few years of life will set them up for success later on.

I am so excited to tell you about a brand new, self-paced online course called Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5. Beginning on March 23rd, this course is designed to help you raise confident and successful readers from birth.

Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5

Research shows that reading to babies improves literacy outcomes later in life. You can read to your babies from birth or soon after. Babies love to hear the sound of your voice and they will enjoy looking at picture books too. As they get older, you can begin to use strategies to help them learn to read themselves. This course will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to help your child within the first five years of their life, a time which is critical for literacy development. This course is available internationally so you can access the reading magic from anywhere!

Enrollment is open and the course begins on March 23rd! However, if you purchase the course before March 23rd, you will get the early bird discount!

Why is this course so Important?

Did you know a child’s brain is 90% developed by the time they turn five years old? So, how can you make the most of those crucial first five years? This course will guide you by providing strategies that are easy to understand and apply! This course does not provide a formal reading curriculum. The strategies provided are practical and effective ways that EVERY parent and care-giver can do every day. This Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5 online course gives children the social/emotional and academic boost they need to excel the rest of their life. 

What is the Purpose of this Course?

Bethany Edwards, a teacher specialising in reading and literacy, was inspired to write this Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5 course so that every parent and caregiver has the right tools and not just reading gimmicks. Her dream is to see every child flourish and find joy in reading and literacy by the time they reach school age. She designed this course after spending 12 years as a professional educator. When her own daughter started Kindergarten at the age of five, she realised many children were starting school without many tools or strategies for reading. 

Although the adults in their lives were enthusiastic about education and multiculturalism, they simply did not have the right tools or know how to implement them at home. This inspired her to create a course to teach others how to give a child a solid literacy foundation. She wanted to help others find the same success that she had in creating successful readers from birth.

What am I Going to Get from this Course?

  • A how-to guide on encouraging your baby, toddler, or preschooler to have extraordinary reading, writing, speech, listening, and motor skills before they turn 5 years old
  • Instructions and techniques on how to create a literacy-rich and diverse environment to instill a love and passion for reading, but also for reading the world
  • A walk through of health/emotional benefits of reading, writing, and the art of conversation with a child through music, language, art, play, and math
  • A practical guide for how to use whole brain learning as a reading technique
  • Strategies and resources for teaching children multiple languages (even if you aren’t multilingual)
  • Over 500 read-aloud books for different ages and topics

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is for parents (and soon to be parents) and caregivers of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (ages 0-5). The step-by-step format is ideal for parents/caregivers who want to give their child a head start in their education.
  • This course is taught in English. However, the strategies and tools I will give you can be applied in any language you are teaching the child(ren) in your life.

Course Lessons

 The 10 lessons including in the course are:
  • Introduction
  • The Importance of Reading Aloud
  • Learning Multiple Languages
  • Whole Brain Learning
  • Managing a Reading Session
  • Pre- Reading Skills
  • Beginning Writing
  • Beginning Listening
  • Beginning Speaking
  • Reading the World
  • Creating a Reader Friendly Home and Review
"Bethany Edwards, an educator specialising on literacy, has created a course to make it easy for parents to raise a reader. Built into her curriculum is the means to create a rich literacy environment because she has curated engaging diversity books that encourage empathy and compassion. This course is designed for kids ages 0 through 5. It's a gift that keeps on giving." - Mia Wenjen, Co-Founder, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Author

Give Your Child the World

This course not only gives you the tools you need to raise readers, it will also encourage you to read high quality, diverse books that will help you to raise global citizens. It will provide you with practical ways to enrich their academics and their lives. It will guide you through the HOW and the WHAT to read so your child can learn to read, while also learning empathy and compassion to become a global citizen. Your child will read the world!

Having the most amazing and diverse library in the world at home or in the classroom is not enough. You still need the tools and strategies so that a child knows HOW to read all those amazing books! This Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5 online course is an investment in the future of the child in your care. 

The best thing about this course is that it will help you develop a literacy foundation that is not based on a curriculum or learning style. You have a choice to make. You can use trial and error to teach kids to read or you can get the exact tools and strategies you need that are guaranteed to work. 

Join me on March 23rd to get the tools and learn the strategies to be able to teach your children to read!

Purchase the course before March 23rd for the early bird price!

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"Bethany has beautifully simplified how to develop a balance so your child is using their brain to its maximum potential. She uses layman's terms to explain the science behind child brain development. Whole brain learning affects all aspects of a child's academic success and Bethany has brilliantly connected them in her lesson." - LaSheena Washington, Nurse Practitioner, Health Unit supervisor for U.S. State Department

You can preview the Introduction and Lesson 1: The Importance of Reading Aloud for free right now and there is also a payment plan available! 

About Your Instructor

Bethany Edwards is an international Elementary educator and Reading and Literacy Specialist. Bethany Edwards earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies Elementary Education and a Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential in California. She has an M.A. in Reading and Literacy. She is currently working on her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Management. Bethany has taught in California (USA), Turkmenistan, Egypt, Ukraine, Latvia, and Mauritania. Bethany has been a professional educator for 12 years with solid background in design and development of educational programs. She has a proven track record in literacy as well as curriculum development. Her background includes teaching in grades K-8th, Curriculum Coordinator, Literacy Coach, Mentor Teacher, and Reading Specialist. While working in International Schools, she worked alongside U.S. State Department and USAID on many collaborative educational programs. These included university lectures for teachers as well as seminars and workshops for parents. Her diverse background facilitated expertise due to teaching family literacy in a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

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