Saturday 5 August 2017

Nature Journaling at Dyrham Park

As national trust members, we often go on days out to various stately homes and gardens. Dyrham Park is a wonderful National Trust property in South Gloucestershire and is one of our favourite places to visit. It has a beautiful walk down hills to the house and gardens and has herds of deer inhabiting the grounds.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon so I decided it would be a great opportunity for a spot of nature journaling. We packed up our nature journals and paints and headed to Dyhram Park. To read more about nature journaling you can take a look at this post.

I was surprised to see herds of cattle roaming the grounds instead of the usual deer. However, there was a sign up near the entrance stating that they often get in herds of cattle during the summer to help maintain the grounds.

As we reached the bottom of the hill, the children spotted a tree perfect for climbing. I sat down on the grass and let them explore for a while.

Then we headed past the house and into the gardens which were full of blooms of all different shapes and colours. We walked past a pond and the children spotted some ducks and dragonflies.

We walked around looking at each flower and deciding which to paint. There were so many to choose from.

We settled by the lake and took out our nature journals.

D decided to paint this flower.

I chose this one.

We spotted a bee collecting nectar.

R also decided to paint.

Halfway through the painting.

Here is D's finished painting.

R's painting.

Here is my first nature journal entry. Unfortunately, I have no idea what kind of flowers these are so if you are able to identify them, please let me know! Have you been nature journaling recently?

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  1. I've never nature journaled before but it looks like tonnes of fun! I may just try it the next time I visit our local park insha Allah

  2. Hi Weronika, this is so new for me. Havent heard or seen this before. Thank you for sharing. It seems so much fun and educative as well. Got a better idea about what it is from your referral post.

  3. Ma sha Allah this looks really great! Neber heard of nature journaling before which is very strange as I am a passionate journaler and try to keep uo to date. Will definitely try it out! Nature is so iften disregarded and taken for granted. Thanks so much for sharing. Bet you've had lots of fun!

  4. Masha Allah. This is a nice way to spend time. It should have been more fun to spend time with deers. I hope you come across deer in your next trip.

    The pictures look stunning and the paintings are great.

  5. I keep debating whether to sign up for national trust membership! Think I should as there seems to be some amazing places!

  6. Ma sha Allah nature journaling seems fun, hadn't heard of it before. A quick question as a mother, you don't get worried for kids about insects or anything dangerous that may be hidden inside trees (when kids climb it)? I feel many times we limit our children's experience with nature while trying to keep them safe, but how to overcome this fear?

  7. Exciting exercise to di with children and the pictures look lovely. The place looks calm too :)


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