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November 2019

I am so excited to be focusing on the night sky this month! Astronomy is one of my favourite topics and I can't wait to share lots of amazing facts and activities with you! 

I know you are a super busy parent so this month I have made the content much more family focused. I am moving away from a parent-only PDF guide to a more interactive, family friendly one! This means you will be able to work through the guide with your children, learning together and having fun! I really wanted to create something that helps foster family relationships and brings parents and children together through learning about the natural world! As well as a PDF guide full of practical ideas for nature study, there will also be videos, including videos of science experiments that you can do with your children to get a better understanding of the topic. Think of it as a guided unit study!

Exploring the Night Sky will cover:

  • The equipment you might need for exploring the night sky with your children.
  • Tips for getting out and observing the sky at night.
  • Facts, activities and experiments for learning about the moon.
  • Facts, activities and experiments for learning about the stars.
  • The autumn night sky.
It is going to be a fun-filled month that will bring the night sky to life for you and your children! Join now and enjoy a 20% discount before 1st November!

A Childhood Wild is a membership group for families who would like to connect with nature and provide more outdoor play and learning experiences for their children. Each month we will focus on a different nature-related topic. There will weekly videos and a PDF guide based on the monthly topic. Each month I will do a live Q and A answering all of your questions and there will also be bonus interviews with special guests! Furthermore, you will get support from me and a global community of like-minded individuals. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Reconnect, rediscover, rewild

I am passionate about reconnecting with nature and giving my children the best childhood possible and I believe being in touch with the great outdoors is essential for this. I would like to help and inspire others to do the same which is why I have created a membership group; A Childhood Wild. This group aims to inspire and motivate others to get outdoors, to inform parents of the wonders of the natural world and the vast benefits of getting out in the wild as often as possible. To reconnect with nature in a time when so many seem to have forgotten it. To rediscover the ways of old whether it be foraging for local food or predicting the weather using natural signs. To rewild our children enabling them to have the most beautiful childhood full of the pleasures of paddling in streams and climbing trees.

You should join A Childhood Wild if...

You want the inspiration to create more outdoor experiences for your family.

You want the motivation to get outdoors more.

You want to lead a greener, slower and simpler lifestyle.

You want to reconnect with nature.

You want to join a global tribe of like-minded people.

You want outdoor play and learning ideas.

You want support to create the best childhood for your children.

You want to be the parent you dreamed you could be.

Registration is now open! 

20% discount if you join before 1st November! Therefore, you will pay £16 per month instead of £20 per month. Subscribe now to make the most of this offer! Registration will close on 3rd November.


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